Tuesday, 24 March 2015

What are some car hire advices in Singapore?

car rental Singapore
When you choose car hire services in Singapore, you will not have to go through the hassles at the bus terminals and train stations in order to visit the popular tourist places. You will be able to travel according to your convenience and spend as much time at the places as you want. Here are few car hire advices which will come handy to enjoy the best services.

Do not choose a car without understanding details about the space provided and the driving comfort offered. Both these factors will matter a lot if you are planning to travel around the island nation and enjoy all the fun elements available. When you go for budget car hire Singapore, you should definitely go for a car that provides you with the most comfortable facilities and optimum driving comfort.

You should take a close look at the rental agreement and identify the factors that will force you to pay penalties. You need to sort this out clearly with the executive at the car rental Singapore in order to avoid discrepancies later on. Not always will you have to pay penalties but it is definitely good to understand the factors that would trigger the need for the same beforehand. You should also make a note of fuel levels that needs to be maintained while returning the vehicle. Make sure that there is no room for hidden charges in the rental agreement.

You should choose the best insurance coverage available when you rent a car in the country. The best rates and facilities would be provided by none other than the rental company. The good rental companies that offer long or short term car hire Singapore will provide you with good deals from the major insurance companies in the country. This would definitely be better than the coverage deals offered by credit card companies and travel agents. Most importantly, the insurance deals provided by the rental companies would be best suited for rental deals.

If you take care of these factors, you will be able to enjoy car rides in the country without any sort of difficulties.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

How can I find out about a car rental's hidden fees?

If you hire a car in Singapore from a reputed rental company, you will be able to travel around the country easily at wallet-friendly rates. The major concern you would face while choosing this option would be the hidden fees charged by certain companies. There are different ways by which you can avoid all sorts of hidden charges.

Talk to the executive at the rental company and take a deeper look at the emotions portrayed on his or her face while discussing the deal. A good executive would display poker face while discussing the deal but you can get better clarity by asking the right set of questions in a quick manner. You should not give too much time to the executive which would give him time to think about the answers. Ask about the total charges that you would have to pay during different situations. You should always look at the worst case scenarios in order to understand about the hidden charges.

Ask for the overall prices and compare it with the payment breakup letter. Look for any difference in amounts. The daily rental charges might not include taxes and surcharges. You should get such details cleared before signing the deal. It would also be a good idea to get quotes from different companies before narrowing down to a final deal. If you compare rates, availing budget car rental Singapore would be easy. It will also help you to avoid all sorts of hidden charges.

Choose the most reputed rental companies only in order to avail monthly car hire Singapore at the most attractive rates. A reputed company will never charge you extra fees other than the rates mentioned on the deal. You should however clarify with the executives regarding the situations during which the company would charge you an extra penny. Road mishaps and cosmetic damages caused to the vehicle might not be fully covered by the insurance coverage that you avail. You should hence verify such information in order to stay on the safer side.